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On the CME trading pit in Chicago.

On the CBOE option trading pit in the U.S.A.

At the trading exchange in Singapore.

At the trading exchange in Kuala Lumupr - Malaysia.

At the trading exchange in Wellington - New Zeland.

At the trading exchange in Dubai - U.A.E.

My name is Tomas Nesnidal. My friends call me Tom. 
I have been a full-time trader for over 11 years and an Automated Trading System (ATS) developer for about 7 years. Surely, that has taken me a lot of hard work and it has really been a nightmare to figure out how to become a consistently successful trader. I am very glad is all behind me already!


I am from the Czech Republic, but I travel a lot. I do spend a lot of time in East Asia, Spain´s Andalucia (Costa del Sol), and other countries. 

However, most of the time, I am on the road. I live for trading and traveling.  By now, I have traveled over 60 countries!

About My Trading Systems


My systems are highly innovative. The greatest ATS ideas usually come to me while traveling.  This is when my mind opens the most to have the freshest, out-of-the box ideas.



Whenever I build a new ATS, I always follow a very rigid development protocol that I have developed, extensively tested and verified during the last 7 years.  This protocol focuses specifically on robustness testing, to make sure that all my strategies are well prepared for an uncertain future and will be viable long-term.



My robustness tests are very complex, tough and based on several well-known and proven testing methods as well as on my original methods.  The most important part of my robustness testing is the simulation of an unseen future in many different ways, and assuring that the ATS can always adjust to it well.



I use three different high-end servers, cutting-edge technology, and genetic programming software in the development processes.  Sometimes I even co-develop an ATS with a small team of traders, developers, or programmers. 

Most of my ATSs are regularly re-optimized, to make sure that the system is always prepared to handle the current market conditions.

Do you want to talk to me?

Thank you, I am delighted to hear that!


Please, understand that contacting me can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. I am away from home/office very often (traveling) and don´t check my e-mail inbox that often when traveling. Therefore, I use a virtual assistant who is instructed to forward me only high priority emails. So please, be patient.


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