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The biggest problem of the trading industry is that it’s, unfortunately, full of dishonest people (mainly brokers and vendors) who constantly feed you with totally unrealistic promises and expectations (just to sell you their products).

An average Joe usually thinks that trading is an easy occupation, where you open a USD 500 FX account and the next week you’ll quit your job. That´s really hilarious! The truth is far from that.

When I started with trading and especially automated trading, I had plenty of false expectations that I’ve had to correct on the way.

The first false expectation was that you can achieve anything in trading quickly. Bullshit!

Trading is a serious business. I even call it entrepreneurship. Indeed, it is a super-serious business to me.

No business in the world starts making stable income overnight (not even drug-dealing).

Despite all the marketing hype and lies, no broker, no trading platform, no trading indicator can result in a shortcut of the experience you need to acquire. If you open any kind of business, the real perspective for the first several years usually is, that you’ll be struggling, fighting, starving, and working many hours for free. Only when you go through this tough period, then there is a chance that your business could really start growing and hopefully make it up to the skies (or whatever your financial goal is).

In trading, it’s the same. Brokers and vendors can promise you anything, but from the very beginning, the probability that you’ll fail is insanely high. You’re working against the smartest, most creative and richest companies in the world. Do you really believe that your chances are high, just because you discovered “a new, fancy, secret indicator on the internet – for USD 500 only”? Get real!

What you really need to become a successful trader is an experience - a lot of it, real experience from real markets in order to go through all the best and worst possible scenarios, to learn what markets are really about and what trading is really about. It’s also necessary to make a lot of errors and then learn from them, figure out a few clever fixes and start over again, until you find the way to succeed. It will take years. And only if you endure and get over all those challenges that you can´t even imagine right now and all those sleepless nights, then you can start thinking if and how you possibly could get to the next level and start making millions of dollars.

This is the very first expectation of any beginner trader that needs to be addressed. I’m quite often an impatient person and I’ve had to learn a lot to be able to keep my expectations within a realistic time limit. Everything takes time, plenty of time. It’s really painful how much time it all takes. I wish things could be faster. I wish the experience that is needed could be acquired faster. But it cannot, unfortunately. So all we can do is remain realistic, make a long-term plan, develop the right daily habits and with both passion and patience move forward in small steps. Like we say in Spain: “Poco a poco”. That is the only true, realistic and sustainable method. It cannot be skipped. There is no shortcut. You might not like it, but I’m really honest with you. I can guarantee it. To become a successful trader, it took me longer than I’d have ever imagined.

Happy Trading!


(P.S. These are beautiful dancers I photographed in Indonesia. They are dancing incredibly slowly; sometimes it looks as if they were not moving at all. It really reminded me of my trading beginnings).

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What others are saying

"Tomas is one of the most creative traders I know. He is able to generate unique trading ideas and elegant solutions to system development challenges."

Andrew Swanscott,

"Tomas has been a professional trader for more than a decade and I have had the privilege of monitoring his accounts in action since 2006. His systems are performing as some of the best I have ever monitored and executed. I have been in the trading industry since 2002 and worked with many developers from all over the world. Tomas is definitely the one to consider."

Martin Lembak,

Systems Trading Expert,


"Tomas is a professional trader, who for the last 10 years has specialized in developing trading systems. We have been tracking his trading systems for about 5 years and they generally show very robust, stable and above average performance. Striker is pleased to work with someone like him - a real professional with enthusiasm and deep knowledge of trading."

William Galwas, President Of Striker Securities, Inc 

"Personal consultation with Tom helped me to re-evaluate the complexity of my robustness testing and optimization processes. Plus, it has helped me with a specific plan on how to take things forward. It has given me some great ideas on how to avoid overfitting and make my testing more robust and provided tips on low hanging fruit in terms of the best markets to trade for intraday/short-term breakouts."

Craig Peters,

semi-advanced trader,

United Kingdom 

"Tom's approach to Automated Trading Strategies design, tests of robustness and portfolio diversification is really unique. He has been a professional trader for many years and the depth of his understanding of Breakout strategies and Market Internals is hard to find elsewhere."

Antonin Fisher,

Hedge Fund Manager,

Czech Republic 

"Tom´s systems and trading approach do really work and can bring good, stable and reasonable returns. I can highly recommend him as a teacher."

David Hruby,

Trader, Czech Republic 

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