How are you? The Summer season here in Spain is over and I am slowly moving from the “vacation mode” back to the “full-working mode”...

I somehow struggled with my focus during the summer and did not do as much as I planned. But I think it is understandable - after almost 3 months being locked up in my house because of the Covid confinement, I really wanted to enjoy the life “outside”.

But now, I feel I miss that focus a bit too. I hate not being fully focused and I hate jumping from one thing to another.

I remember that this is exactly what I used to do at the very beginning of my trading career.

And to be honest, I used to do it way too much and way too often.

I “did it all” – day trading, swing trading, commodity spreads trading, statistical arbitrage, options, pattern trading, momentum trading… you name it.

As a result, everything about my trading was…


And I couldn’t figure out why.

I used to think that MORE trading directions would make me MORE money and give me better results, but…

it does NOT.

This is a common misconception amongst many traders too. And it keeps them from success.

The good news is, the solution is simple, but it takes a long time to figure out on your own.

One day I became so exhausted by all the complexity that I decided to tak