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#205: 3 Proven Steps to Profitable Trading in an Economic Crisis

Do you know exactly what to do to profit in these uncertain economic times?

In this week’s episode of the Breakout Training Answered show, Mr. Breakouts shares three proven tips for profitable trading during an economic crisis. Tomas provides valuable insights for traders looking to navigate an economic crisis, revealing that for traders, there is no crisis, only opportunity. By having a trading plan, diversifying the portfolio, and keeping emotions in check, traders can increase their chances of profitable trading. As the host notes, these tips are not only relevant during a crisis but can also be applied to everyday trading.

Here’s just a small sample of the topics we discuss on the show:

  • The importance of having a trading plan and sticking to it. He advises traders to avoid making impulsive decisions and to have a clear exit strategy. This is crucial during an economic crisis when the market is volatile and unpredictable.

  • Diversifying the portfolio and not relying on a single asset or market. This helps to spread the risk and minimize losses. By investing in different markets and assets, traders can increase their chances of profitable trading.

  • Keeping emotions in check and not letting fear or greed drive trading decisions. This is especially important during an economic crisis when emotions can run high. By staying calm and rational, traders can make better decisions and avoid costly mistakes.

Watch the replay of our latest episode:

Episode Highlights:

1:23: How traders can travel and work at the same time.

10:04: The importance of mindset in crisis and in trading.

15:04: Finding markets that are trending and have strong momentum.

19:58: Avoiding choppy markets and using larger stop losses in volatile markets.

23:58: Diversifying your trading portfolio to include different markets and instruments.

27:28: Trading during a crisis.

Tomas and the Systems On The Road team


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What others are saying

"Tomas is one of the most creative traders I know. He is able to generate unique trading ideas and elegant solutions to system development challenges."

Andrew Swanscott,

"Tomas has been a professional trader for more than a decade and I have had the privilege of monitoring his accounts in action since 2006. His systems are performing as some of the best I have ever monitored and executed. I have been in the trading industry since 2002 and worked with many developers from all over the world. Tomas is definitely the one to consider."

Martin Lembak,

Systems Trading Expert,


"Tomas is a professional trader, who for the last 10 years has specialized in developing trading systems. We have been tracking his trading systems for about 5 years and they generally show very robust, stable and above average performance. Striker is pleased to work with someone like him - a real professional with enthusiasm and deep knowledge of trading."

William Galwas, President Of Striker Securities, Inc 

"Personal consultation with Tom helped me to re-evaluate the complexity of my robustness testing and optimization processes. Plus, it has helped me with a specific plan on how to take things forward. It has given me some great ideas on how to avoid overfitting and make my testing more robust and provided tips on low hanging fruit in terms of the best markets to trade for intraday/short-term breakouts."

Craig Peters,

semi-advanced trader,

United Kingdom 

"Tom's approach to Automated Trading Strategies design, tests of robustness and portfolio diversification is really unique. He has been a professional trader for many years and the depth of his understanding of Breakout strategies and Market Internals is hard to find elsewhere."

Antonin Fisher,

Hedge Fund Manager,

Czech Republic 

"Tom´s systems and trading approach do really work and can bring good, stable and reasonable returns. I can highly recommend him as a teacher."

David Hruby,

Trader, Czech Republic 

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