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My students often ask me where I take the inspiration, new ideas, for original trading systems. Well, some of it comes from traveling - seeing new places extends my horizon. But also, a big part comes from the books I read. 

The books mentioned below are full of great ideas. I would highly recommend them to you. No matter if you are an advanced trader or just a beginner. These books are the best trading books I have ever read and they are really a must for everyone who doesn't have trading only as a hobby but as a full-time profession.


I have sorted them for you into these 5 sections:







Strategy development

Strategy Development


Books from this section will help you to build and improve your own trading strategies. If you are looking for some recommendations and secrets how to improve your current systems (or how to build a new one), you will find them in one of these books.

Money Management


When you already have a profitable trading system and you want to improve its performance, add more contracts in certain conditions, or you want to manage the whole portfolio, you are in the right section.

Money management

Trading Psychology


They say that trading automated strategies takes all the psychological issues away from you, but that is not true. The decision when you will switch off the system in drawdown is solely up to you. And you better be ready for that.

Trading Psychology
TradeStation Platform

TradeStation Platform


These books will help you to master TradeStation platform, get the best from this platform that I and other PRO traders use for automated trading, and also fully understand the programming language that is used for programming in TradeStation - the Easylanguage.





In this section, you will find other interesting books about trading that I have read and I would like to recommend to you. There are mostly (but not only) books from the Market Wizard series written

by Jack D. Schwager.


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