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In my life, I have learned a really important lesson:


Don't do what you don’t really like.


If you do something that you aren’t passionate about, your results will be mediocre. If you even hate what you do, your results will be disputable and your life will be full of stress and illnesses. On the other hand, if you do what you really, truly love, you have damn good chances to become very good at that, probably better than anybody else!


Many people are jealous of my dream job (which I would currently call as Trader-Entrepreneur and Adventurous Capitalists since I LOVE adventures). They don’t understand that I have no work to go to, no office to be at from 9 to 5. In fact, I don’t have any office at all. They don’t understand how I can run a serious, multi-million dollar hedge fund or trade all my trading capital from Starbucks, a beach cafe, or a hotel resort. They are stuck in a rut, so they simply don't get it!


And I don’t blame them. I must admit that my lifestyle is kind of unusual for most. But listen, you should wake up. We are living in the 21st century.


Anything is possible thanks to the internet!


You don't need offices anymore. All your employees or your team can be placed anywhere around the globe and you can be making and creating amazing things from any place in the world. Yes, this is the modern age, and anybody can take advantage of it - at least I did!


Many people have their dreams, but this is where they get stuck forever. They don't even dare start thinking about taking some action and start pursuing them! For some reason, they are too scared to see all the amazing possibilities and the opportunities that are literally everywhere thanks to the internet. Instead, they prefer living in the previous century, pretending that it is “safer” to have a “safe” (boring and unfulfilling) job. Most people don't do anything to chase their dreams, they are too paralyzed by fear, so they rather do nothing and just keep on dreaming!


I have never got paralyzed by fear when pursuing my dreams. Does that mean that I have never had any fear? No! I feel the same level of fear as anybody else, but I simply don't allow myself to get paralyzed by it. How is it possible? Because, in any situation, I know that:


There is no possible loss and you can always only win from the long-term perspective!




Because any kind of  loss means just an opportunity to get better, to learn your lesson and to move to another level. So why getting paralyzed by your fear, when you can only gain in the long term? As one clever lady wrote: “Feel the fear but do it anyway”. And this is exactly how I became a trader-entrepreneur and built my dream-job!


In fact, all I really do from the very beginning is enjoying and doing what I really love. I can't help it - I just love trading and trading-entrepreneurship and anything related to trading (including other great, often very inspiring traders). In fact, what I really love is not trading itself, but the challenge, the opportunity, and mainly the freedom it gives me.


Being a trader-entrepreneur has not always been easy, but it has always helped me to keep working on myself, on my trading and to keep my mind constantly open to new ideas, new things and new opportunities. It has taught me to adapt, move forward and do bigger and bigger things and projects in my trader-entrepreneur career.


So, this is exactly how I have created my dream job.


It has never been done by any miraculous indicator or trading system. It has always been done by constant curiosity, insane passion for my profession, open-mindedness and courage.


I believe that with this kind of mindset, anybody can develop his dream job, even his dream-life (as I did). It certainly needs some time and a lot of patience (indeed), but it can be done! I know what I am talking about. I have been on this journey for over a decade.

Just don't be afraid, create your own dream reality and start today. Time is passing really fast, indeed.

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