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My laptop life is sometimes really insane. I have time periods when I can have even up to 28 flights in just 2-3 months.


My wife and I love adventurous (as well as luxurious) traveling, especially in East Asia and Indonesia. We get sometimes really crazy about it.


For example, we can fly to Kuala Lumpur, stay there for 10 days, enjoy some great hotels and shopping and especially food, then take a flight to Borneo, go to the jungle, see some monkeys and wildlife. Next, we’d make a 4-day trip to Sultanate of Brunei, then get the first available ticket to Thailand, enjoy its food and amazing hospitality again, move to Singapore, do some more shopping there, get back to Malaysia, go to some beautiful islands, relax, return to London, go to the latest musical shows, and finally return to Costa del Sol to have some rest, and start preparing for another adventure and journey.

Wherever I travel, I always try to visit the local trading exchange and talk to the top or middle management. It is always a highly valuable experience.

The flip side of all that time on the road is that I have never (EVER!) had any problems to maintain and grow my trading business. In general, you get a fantastic internet connection just about anywhere nowadays and if not, there are still plenty of things and ideas that need just a pen and paper to work them out. I have learned to be highly productive on these trips while absolutely enjoying all the adventurous aspects of them. Yes, you can have your cake and eat it too!


But the most insane part, the really shocking one, is that all this traveling and totally free adventurous life make me an even better trader-entrepreneur and it usually brings in, even more, money than the total travel expense! How is it possible?


The secret is  “the path of out-of-the-box creativity”.


Let me explain it to you:


In trading, the more you can come up with new ideas, the more you increase your chances of winning and making great money (don't forget: trading is a very competitive business - but I suspect the same applies to most businesses). The problem is that good ideas can hardly come to you in a “confined”, typical environment. New ideas need new stimulus for your brain, and that is what you will never get if you spend most of the time absorbed in your home environment.


Let´s consider, for example, this scenario: you do the same things most days. You take the same way to your work, have the same routines and very similar schedules of your daily activities. Most of the day, you just follow the “path of the least resistance”. This keeps your brain in a very low creativity level and you rather stimulate your subconscious “autopilot” than allow your brain to open to new experiences and come up with new ideas.


Traveling, on the other hand, is a process in which your brain needs to be permanently open, alert, and absorbing new stimulus to adapt to the new environment.


This opens new channels in your brain and makes you switch to a completely different mental state. In this mental state, your brain works at a very high creativity level (sometimes this process is also called “flow”) and you are able to come up with out-of-the-box ideas constantly (this is why I call it “path of out-of-the-box creativity”).


In my case, I repeatedly get the best ideas while traveling. Therefore, my traveling, most of the time, brings so many fresh and good ideas that they pay for all the trips easily and add many other benefits (and make much more extra money too).


And this is why my laptop life is really insane - at least for the majority of the people.


I personally love it and am very grateful for it.


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