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Today I had a lucky day. I made a big amount of money on the markets in a single day. Most of my ATSs were really lucky and  locked some very nice profits. In fact, I could probably take a few months off now and take a long, luxury vacation that would be fully paid just by this single trading day.


But are all days like this one?


Not at all!


In fact, as a trader, you quite often experience more losing days than the winning ones. But who cares!


Since 2004, I have been trading almost non-stop and I learned an extremely important thing:


To me,  losing days are still far better than sitting in a boring job from 9 to 5 staring at an empty wall.


Yes, as a trader I still have my ups and downs (although they have much less volatility than they used to have). I have great days like today, and I also have really shitty days. But I am still here and I am still free! Most of the time during the year I travel and do whatever I fancy and whenever I want to. All I need for making my living is my laptop. That´s all!


I have experienced fantastic gains while wandering some of the most amazing places on the planet, like opera in Sydney, temples in Bali, beaches of Fiji or Samoa, a jungle of Costa Rica, etc.


I have also experienced some “naughty” losses while on an ultra-luxury cruise around the world or while getting stuck at the airport in Bangkok. But:


Whatever was going on in the markets, I always knew that there were very few professions that could give me this level of freedom, this kind of amazing, full and adventurous life.


So I have learned that whatever happens on the markets, I still want to trade forever!


I just can't imagine any other lifestyle anymore. Really. I hate boring life, stereotypes, wasting my valuable time. I prefer keeping on discovering all the beauties and flavours of this amazing world and life. No “stable income” on this planet (what is a “stable income” nowadays anyway?) can make up for the excitement of living fully, being alive and taking the best from life.


You might wonder: Do I also have days full of struggle? Certainly! Trading is a challenging occupation and, as traders, we must learn to adapt to changes constantly. Do I know what it feels like to lose a lot of money? Sure! But all that, no matter how bad it may sound, can only make you stronger and richer in your life if you have the right mindset about it. All that can push your life (and your trading) forward with even higher and much better states. Whenever I struggle, it means it is time to get out of the comfort zone, to challenge myself, to look at new ideas, perspectives, to think out-of-the-box again. I know what I have been talking about.


A decade ago, I started with $2.000 USD (and a lot of struggle). Today, I am launching my own hedge fund with a lot of clients already waiting eagerly to put their money under my management.


I would have never got to this point without a lot of struggle and pain in the past that helped me to learn about markets and risk-management more than you can ever imagine!


So, remember: good days, like this one today, are great to remind you of how fortunate you are and how great and amazing it is to live life in a different way than the majority on this planet. On these good days, we should feel humble and grateful. On other days, we should still be thankful that we can practise the profession with an insane level of freedom. On bad days, we should be even more thankful for the opportunity we have to become better traders and human beings.


I want to trade forever.


Seriously. All the challenges combined with the freedom that trading can offer to make me feel happy, young, focused, and live to my full potential. It's not always easy but it's worth every penny. Gained or lost - it doesn't matter. In the long term, with the right mindset, there is only winning anyway.


I just love trading and trading-entrepreneurship so much.


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